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Through our own institution, Civity Foundation and in association with Yamlaminim NGO, OCP different support programs are financed in the African state of Burkina Faso on an ongoing basis. As a result, the projects provide general infrastructures, like schools, medical clinics and water wells for rural areas as well as the most underprivileged population in the country.

To get started, we will talk about the first support program held in Quadaba, a small village in Burkina Faso, located in the heart of the Sahel area, miles away from the nearest road, where no schools had existed before. Burkina Faso is a landlocked country situated in West Africa. Education in Burkina Faso is divided into primary, secondary and higher education. High school costs approximately 50 US dollars per year, which is far above the means of most Burkinabè families. Nevertheless, children with Gourmanche ethnicity, living in Quedaba, had never had the opportunity to have a proper education. In 2011 we went to visit the region and decided to help by building the first school in the area, in partnership with the NGO Yamlaminim. Yamlaminim was created in April 2007, without third parties or expenses, and established as a nonprofit association. The NGO’s main goal is to develop support programs in order to improve the education and health services in the country. Finally, after two years of administrative procedures and some unexpected events, we opened the institution, guarded by the local authorities. We are very proud to say that currently, more than 150 children study at the school every day. We are grateful that this project has become a success.

Vohogodin is located in the southeastern part of Burkina Faso, more concretely in the Comin Yanga commune. 26 kilometres away from the closest path, there are only a few trails for bicycles or motorcycles, which are only useful during dry seasons, because when it starts to rain, the mighty rivers isolate the area where Vohogodin is located, leaving all the residents without medical assistance. Due to the absence of basic infrastructure and the limited access, the town didn’t have any type of health resources a few years ago. There was an urgent need to create a new health support program. We visited Vohogodin in 2013 and decided to carry out the construction of the buildings most needed. Two years later, in October 2015, we inaugurated the new installations. More specifically, a building that will be used as a free health clinic as well as accommodation for de medical doctor an the midwife, so that they will be able to meet the health needs of the population in the region. Placed not very far away from the town center, the new facility can be easily reached without having to use any transport medium. This support program has been funded by OCP and INELT, through our foundation, Civity Foundation, as well as by the Foundation Roviralta.

Civity Group and Sports

Values such as sacrifice, personal growth and teamwork are present in our daily life not only in sports but also in business. Therefore sports is essential for the human being. In OCP we are very aware of this fact and for this reason we encourage our employees to practice sport. Based on this premise, two years ago we became sponsors of one of the best paddle tennis clubs in the world: Star’s Padel of Cornellá, where the best player in the history of this sport, Fernando Belasteguin, plays and trains.

Education in Quadaba

The first day of school for the children in the modest village of Quedaba was the 18 of November 2013. It was a very special day, an event no one in the village wanted to miss.

Proyecto ayuda

In collaboration with the school

When the school construction ended, we cooperated by supplying diverse materials for the students and for the site, so the building and facilities could be completely functional.


Clinic/Dispensary in Vohogodin

On any given day, the recently opened free clinic is visited by dozens of people of Vohogodin and it’s surroundings.

More than 150 children will have access to education

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